Window curtains for kitchen

New Window curtains for kitchen are an easy way to update your decor. If you have a small kitchen, it is better to choose curtains with lighter tones, because they will visually increase the kitchen and the kitchen itself will be brighter. If you have a kitchen with impressive size, simple curtains will not fit because this will look very modest in comparison with the great room, and the window will not look very impressive.

1. Roman blinds.
They are suitable for any interior, modern and traditional. They look very nice on the window.

Following the modern alternative to curtains
• mechanism provides easy removal of the cloth for cleaning or replacement
• it is considered as a most elegant and classically solution for the home

roman blinds for kitchensource

roman blinds for kitchensource

roman blinds for kitchensource

roman blinds for kitchensource

2. Pleated Blinds, the original version of the design for the kitchen windows.
Window looks elegant and beautiful in both position, when they are up or down. They are convenient to use for rectangular and fully glazed windows.


3. Blinds
It is quite thick fabric rolled on the shaft. They can be set in any position. They are perfect for any interior, to create soft and pleasant ambience in the kitchen.


white-kitchen-units-and-island 5source

4. Curtains.
Curtains are set on the window or 10-15 cm in front of it. If the window is large, simple curtains can be mounted on different tapes, wires, etc.


Modern-Kitchen-Window-Curtains-Ideas 2source

Modern-Kitchen-Window-Curtains-Ideas 1source

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