Trendy Wall Painting Colors for Modern home interior

Wall painting designs are inexpensive options to creatively decorate your room. There are a lot of wall painting designs available in the market. which can help give your room an entirely different and modern look. Our article contains some of the wall painting designs that will help you in decorating the walls as well as the room in a stylish way.
Colour washing is a great way to create a soft, cloudy effect without actually adding texture to your walls,” says Sharon. The current trend is to apply the technique more subtly than in the past, she says, so it looks like a soft water colour rather than a heavy plaster.
Dark Colors
Dark colors are popular wall paint colors for modern and Victorian style decorating. They have to be used very carefully, however. There has to be ample light for this combination to work and even though the colors are dark, they should still work well together
Bright Colors
When you’re looking at wall paint color, bright primary colors can work well in a very sunny room and give a thoroughly modern slant. These can make excellent accents over a plain white wall and bold combinations of perhaps a yellow stripe and a blue stripe can be used. You can use one bright wall to stand out from three other subdued walls in a room as well
Light Colors
Light wall paint color is always advisable in a dark room to add brightness. However, that doesn’t mean you need to go for the old creams and beiges. Be bold. Choose a bright white with apricot or peach and cream for something warmer and more comforting

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