Open kitchen living room designs

Space and freedom are fundamental principles in modern designing of the interior. These principles are very popular in space combination. It is considered the best combination together kitchen and living room. It gives the possibility to receive a greater number of guests, to gather the whole family. One of the finest advantages as mentioned in proposing of the kitchen, more space  gives you the opportunity to put more furniture and household appliances. Moreover united with the living room has two windows, which means more light, which is very important for every home.

Design living room with kitchen

Design living room with kitchen

Another plus when kitchen and living room are together. Parallel to cooking of food you can watch the kids. When you have guests in the house you don’t have to be absent from time to time to go out to the kitchen. Unless positive there are negative features. The hostess never can be alone and enjoy in cooking.  If you happen to burn lunch, all will feel the smell. Sometimes the smell from the kitchen is unbearable. Sound domestic appliances is not pleasant.

open plan kitchen living room designs

Design living room with kitchen 3

In design of combined living room and kitchen has two types of plans.
1. Open plan when all items of furniture are in the same style and it seems to be equal. If you decide to make an open kitchen, it is better sink to be in the kitchen corner to not be visible. To not feel the smell in the living room you can put sliding doors.
2. Closed, where the kitchen and living room are separated with bulkhead, furniture or bar. The plan gives you the opportunity to hide part of the working area in the kitchen, which is burdened especially when cooking.

- Bar in the kitchen . Element itself looks stylish. It can be used as a desktop, small table, or you can set chairs.
The kitchen can have ceramic tiles and living room parquet, laminate, carpet. On that way the kitchen is separated from the living room.Kitchen from the living room can split with furniture, sofa.

Design living room with kitchen 5source

Design living room with kitchen 1source

Design living room with kitchen 6

Design living room with kitchen 8source

In the kitchen light should be stronger and more muted in the living room for relaxation. In addition, you can do several ceiling heights.

Design living room with kitchen 9source

Design living room with kitchen 10source

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