Modern Home Loft Design Ideas

Rational use of the attic space, after all, arrange an extra room in the attic will greatly increase the living space of the house.

1 Strengthening the construction

Floors and rafters are enhanced installations triangular roof trusses. They are simply mounted on the roof of the individual elements. All parts are connected to metal toothed plates. According to experts, this is the most reliable way to strengthen the structure.
Rafters may be advantageously used as the interior of the attic, just need to do re decoration. The easiest way to convert space is finishing with loft lining, sheets of plywood or drywall, wall panels. Rafters also need varnishing or pinotex. If floor is made of wood board must be nailed directly to the joists and on top should be heat-and sound-insulating material.
To ensure that this room will be comfortable in colder times of the year, all the space between the rafters should to be to filled with high-quality insulation (polyurethane foam, foam, mineral wool, and so on). In this case, the finishing material is mounted on top of a heater. Next on the top coat is applied paint or glued wallpaper.

Loft Interior Design

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White Loft Interior Design

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 2.Light and design loft

In design of the loft huge role play light. In addition to artificial light that can be set by taste of the owner, it is necessary to position the natural light from the windows. The windows are placed either on the wall or in the roof. The second option is relevant for regions with short daylight hours. Lighting attic would be considered normal if the windows are 10 percent of the total floor area.

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3. Optimal Solutions

Design a room in the attic is desirable to do in light colors, because this room has a relatively small area. Bright paint and finish materials will help reduce the psychological pressure of the walls in a confined space. The lighting should be separate in several functional areas so room will visually appear larger. The use of blinds, curtains, rugs will make the room cozy and pleasant.

The central aisle where is the door to the attic it is better to leave  free and the space under the sloping roof to allocate to different mounting shelves and cabinets. Beds are best positioned along the longitudinal wall where the ceiling height is not less than 180 centimeters. The table can be placed at any desired location. If you planning attic to do the work area it must be placed at an oblique window.
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Loft Interior Design Small Apartment 

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