Design your own coasters

Coasters for hot should be in every kitchen and room where you  place hot food or drink.If we put hot food or drink on the table the table will be destroyed. To protect the table it is necessary to use coasters for hot. They can be in different shapes, color and different material.We can make coasters with our hands, it’s so simple. We need little creative imagination, and coasters will decorate our table. On the following images we represent some coasters ideas that you can use to design your own coasters.

photo coasterssource

diy cork coasterssource

 coaster ideas 3source

wood coasterssource

coaster ideas 5source

wood coasterssource

coaster ideas 6source

 coaster ideas 7source

coaster ideas 8source

diy coaster ideas 8source

diy coaster ideas 9source

diy coaster ideas 10source

diy coaster ideas 11source

diy coaster ideas 12source

diy coaster ideas 13source

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