Best Interior Design Trends in 2014

Many of us want to be in front our time. In this article, read our perception for trends in interior design styles for 2014.
The key colors trend for 2014 are bright, rich colors. Modern color will be yellow. In the past year were more relevant dark colors – purple, brown.
Besides yellow in trend in 2014 will be:
Black is coming back. Do not be afraid of black color. Feel free to use it in interior design .
Dark red and all its nuances is trendy again. You can use them how you want, to paint the walls or set accessories in red color.
Chocolate color, cocoa, coffee, cinnamon will be in trend in 2014 Do not limit yourself to do the walls and floors in chocolate color.
Soft shades of green act calming and interior make it closer to nature. On the green background is perfect to combine dark shades of other colors.




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Best-Interior-Design-Trends-2014  5source

Trend in 2014 is lots of free space in the interior. Missing ease, lack of transparency when people are located in offices, so in the interior design is preferred free space and minimalism. Today many companies manufacturing multidisciplinary functional furniture that helps to save space,  but minimalism is evident not only in furniture, but of course in the entire interior design. Beginning of 2014, by  the designers will bring us the trend called “Ancient”. This trend is inspired by Greek and Roman themes, and returns many of the classic elements of these ancient cultures, but in a new way.In fashion is back sophistication. Glossy surfaces, contemporary art, all this will make your home unique. In use will be old and antique furniture in combination with luxurious furniture in modern  style.In the second quarter of 2014 will be expressed  fractal fragmented elements. This trend will lead to flexible geometric figures and elements that look like they will just explode.

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trends 2014source

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