10+ Modern Staircase design Ideas

 Modern staircases can be present even in the old house, as there is no limit for creativity in modern home design.One of the most distinctive elements of modern design duplex rooms are gorgeous modern staircase that adorn the interior of the house. To date, there are different types of ladders that can be used in the home. Modern style stairway, in which the functionality and harmony are combined with elegance and a certain form of pretentiousness.
Material, design and geometry are the main parameter for image modern staircases. They are produced by any criteria of the customer, and they can be wooden, composite or spiral staircases. Today there are many different technologies for the manufacture of non-standard staircases. For example, a glass staircase in combination with stainless steel.

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Photo by X. Lucas

Photo by X. Lucas

BUILD LLC Kirsch Stair

BUILD-LLC-Kirsch-Stair ostavi kako sto e

Cable system

cable system ostavi samo toa

This modern staircase features carpeted stairs which are a few nice detail that gives it a warm and casual look.

glass-and-metal-on-top vidi 6

The Grove Park project from Bell Phillips Architects features a staircase that is “created from a complex geometry of folded triangular facets which appear to float effortlessly within the space.

Photo by Christopher Duff  neka ostane ova i plus imas tekst 2

Staircase in modern home design interior

Photo by Daic

Photo by Daici Ano  kako sto e ostavi

Photo by Nils Claus

Photo by Nils Claus ostavi samo toa

Spiral stairs fairytale look in modern home

spiral-stairs-fairytale-look neka ostane samo toa

Fontanot Techne is the  modern stair

Staircases-technestairs vidi 7

Stairs Rudolphostavi in modern home interior

Stairs-Rudolphostavi samo toa

Stairs Sarphatipark

Stairs-Sarphatipark ostavi samo ova

For this modern staircase, the design is cohesive and chosen to seamlessly integrate into the décor

steek-staircase-wood-top vidi 3

This modern staircase from London-based Levitate Architects comes even more fascinating than what we’ve seen earlier.

storage-stairsvidi 4

Photo by Filip Dujardin

Photo by Filip Dujardin

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